As Google's algorithms have evolved and altered, they have begun to prefer many components of an effective content marketing strategy. One such example is that of an added content that is a given length, has effective keyword targeting, and is located on pages. Creating quality content is now just as crucial to an effective SEO strategy as traditional and technical factors are.

A brilliant piece of writing can sustain for years to come across several platforms and drive potential traffic. But what does it take to create a piece of content that broadens the scope of audience across numerous channels? In this article, let us delve into the finer points of article marketing, covering everything from topic generation to content creation to developing a sharing strategy that has the potential to go viral.

What is article marketing?

Writing and distributing articles is part of the practise of article marketing. Usually, these articles aim to market the author's company or website by establishing authority, leveraging visibility, and generating backlinks. 

Users are led to top-ranking websites and blog posts relating to a topic when they search for it (often within Google). This translates to the ability for website owners to publish original article content, optimise it for search engines, and rank in Google Search for a range of themes.

How to use article marketing to improve SEO rankings?

Among several ways to improve SEO rankings, article marketing is one of them. Unlike link building, article market is a standard operating procedure that works for your company. The users who you aim to reach is simplified with the help of article marketing. Although the stages might vary from one website to the other, they go as follows.

Pick a topic: 

Make a list of broad subjects you think your audience could be interested in. You may assume that your target audience is interested in everything related to digital design, for instance, if you are a freelance graphic designer.

They might inquire as to:

  • Which tools work best for graphic design?
  • The creation of a logo.
  • Which typefaces work best for business flyers?
  • What is the price of graphic design?
  • Which of this year's designs is the best?

When producing ideas for themes pertaining to your company and the audience you want to reach, try to be as thorough as possible. After that, you can proceed to Step 2, where you will use keyword research to focus your ideas.

Conduct keyword research: 

It is fantastic to produce intriguing article subjects, but it is much better to translate such topics into searchable keywords. It is one of the most popular SEO strategies often used by link building company. There is no point in creating an essay if no one is interested in the subject matter. Instead, you may look up a variety of general themes and discover how many people are searching for that word (or related ones) each month using keyword research tools like SEMrush.

If the article is useful to write for SEO purposes, it will be clear from the search volume. However, the level of competition should also be considered. Although you might come across a high-volume keyword, your small site must find a way to compete with it. In that case, it is ideal to acquire a less competitive topic and opt for competitor keywords.  

Draft an article: 

Depending on your writing experience, drafting your essay may be the best or most difficult aspect. Hiring an SEO writer helps to offer well optimised and informative content. However, if you wish to write it yourself, you can even do so, but with proper research. 

The Inverted Pyramid Method of SEO is a framework for producing an article from beginning to end and is highly advised if you choose to do it yourself. Using this technique will enable you to generate engaging content that leads with value.

Create unique content: 

One thing that both content marketing and SEO agency frequently have in common is that they both centre on identifying untapped markets and attempting to rank highly for them.

You can focus on creating unique, never-before-seen content that exposes your company or website to visitors searching for "long-tail" keywords where you have a much better chance of ranking in the top spot. This can be achieved through a combination of keyword research. It is one of the most vital skills to improve your SEO program.

These distinctive pieces can help you take up more space in the SERPs, rank for more keywords, and increase your online visibility if the content you are writing is original and pertinent to your business.

Create a sharing strategy: 

Consider all the outlets you can use to share your post before pressing "publish" to increase its reach. Several CMS platforms simplifies this by integrating social share icons when you post an article.

Like this, you may distribute your article instantly to Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Whether you choose the automatic or manual method, make sure to spread and circulate your content to reach as many users as possible.

Include linkable assets: 

Before hitting "publish," consider all the platforms you can utilise to spread your message. Many CMS platforms make this easy by putting social sharing icons during publishing articles. Like this, you may use third-party programmes to rapidly publish your content to Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.

Regardless of whether you opt for the automatic or manual option, widely publicise your material to reach as many users as possible.


Does your content strategy include article marketing? Every blog entry is a chance to increase readers, subscribers, and buyers across many platforms. Identify the topics your audience is interested in and add them to your queue to write effective content. You can establish a running list of article ideas to keep the traffic coming in. Get in touch with a professional link building company to utilise article marketing and acquire best SEO outcomes. Make a wise choice and choose your SEO partner wisely.