In an industry like construction, it is essential to have efficient equipment which will help in holding on to the material, especially for everyday life. It is essential to maintain special equipment that can make work easy and avoid accidents because of load carrying. Transportation of material heavy items in the work site needs equipment that is helpful in providing clean operation eliminating any harm or unwanted raw material waste.

When it comes to lifting equipment, the material telehandlers is perfect to use.

What are telescopic handlers?

Telehandlers are multipurpose machines that are useful in various places. They are useful in lifting, moving and placing material in other places easily. They are one of the important first machines to have in a job like construction. The main purpose is for lifting and handling material through various accessories and providing versatile machinery mechanisms which will be efficient in working in a variety of sites. Lifting to suspend the load will also help to clean up the job site after the work is completed.

It is important to choose a tally handler which is perfect for your job by keeping in mind certain factors.

  • The reach of telehandlers and according to your work. It is basically the height.
  • The space machine will take up the task of completing the work.
  • The area, environmental condition and terrain of the job site.
  • The amount of load it can take.

Types of telehandlers

When it comes to telehandlers there are various types of telehandlers available. According to your requirements, you should carefully choose them.

Standard fixed boom telehandler

It is a basic type of telehandler made for agriculture and construction purposes. They are known for their durability and stability but the rotational capacity is less. They are great for heavy loads, especially in continuous moments. They are useful in the heavy-loading industry to cope with harsh conditions.

Rotating telehandler

Rotating telehandlers are the modern ones available with various modifications in standard type. They are helpful in work that requires 360-degree turns to make versatile operations. It also contains a cab which is helpful in versatile rotation and can operate all the crucial operations easily without any hazard.

Heavy lift telehandler

Heavy lift telehandlers are one of the most popular in the construction industry. They are useful in minimizing the operation load in industries because they can easily lift heavy loads. Their high loading capacity along with hard-to-reach places quality provide them with proper efficiency in any operation. They are one of the most advanced modern equipment for controlling the load and lifting. They are helpful in providing a clean workspace.


Telehandlers are important tools to keep the surroundings clean and make a flexible and safe choice for load transportation. For a load of various amplitudes, we need a safer solution. According to the industrial need, there are different types of telehandlers that will help to make your work easy and safe. They are helpful in increasing the efficiency of work while saving your employees from dangerous accidents.