Skin is one of the important barriers created by our body for the protection of organs. Although the skin is outside the body it can tell about what is going inside of it. There is a lot to tell about somebody through their skin. A trained dermatologist will be able to suggest your general living habits by analyzing your skin. If you feel any kind of change in your general skin Be sure to visit Victorian Dermal Group to find out more about professional skin treatment. Some signs from skin you should understand and work accordingly.

Dry skin and itching

It is not a good sign to feel your skin dry and itchy but in dry regions, you should encounter dry skin. In winter if you're feeling the symptoms of dryness and itchiness you should keep short bath time to moisturize your damp skin. Even after moisturizing, asking properly and keeping everything in check you are still feeling the same symptom. You should check for atopic dermatitis which is also known as eczema. If your skin is more itchy then it can be lymphoma. Thyroid disorder can also make the skin dry. You should run a blood test. If you are on some medication consult your doctor about the side effect symptoms.

Dandruff and acne

Dandruff and acne is a common skin condition that we generally ignore. Dandruff on the scalp even around the nose can be treated with medication and shampoo but it can also indicate underlying problems like Parkinson's disease or severe seborrhea which is generally prone to HIV patients. The other acne problem is associated with adolescence but if it persists in adulthood can indicate hormonal abnormality of PCOS in women.


Thick and rosy skin areas are generally covered with silver or white scales. This can be a hidden sign of immune system disorder because it can cause uncontrollable multiplication of skin cells. This condition should require dermatological assistance because it can create bigger issues in the long term.

Bumping around eyes

Some people encounter small bumps around the eyes or nose generally known as xanthelasma which is in common terms known as cholesterol deposit. These can be symptoms of high cholesterol levels in your body. People generally ignore them because they do not cause any kind of pain but it is important to keep them in check and also get a test of cholesterol level for avoiding future problems.


Rash breakouts have a lot of reasons and they can be treated easily but if there is something that generally triggers the rash you should get your overall health checkup because these small rashes appearing from any trigger or from time to time can hide underline hard conditions or lymph disease and many patients. Sometimes a person can feel joint pain or fever to indicate a problem internally.


Skin is a delicate organ that requires proper care and any problem with them can provide you a window through your body. You should get a skin treatment with professional advice to avoid making them big.